What is the lifestyle?

What is the lifestyle?

Lifestyle means the specific Lifestyle of a person, group or community. Lifestyles encompass a set of values, behaviors, attitudes, and tastes in everything that can refer to the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture. Since it is not always and everywhere possible to study human behavior, many researchers prefer to consider our choices in everyday life as a second-hand sign of Lifestyle rather than our own.

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Lifestyle Types

Adler, one of the world’s leading psychologists, introduces four lifestyles and believes that in order to cope with the problems they face in life such as work, love, marriage, and communication with others, Adler must choose one of these styles:
Dominant or Ruler: These people have little social interest, directly attack others, command and become tyrants or criminals.
Recipient: Most people choose this Lifestyle. These people expect to take everything from others and become dependent on them.
Avoidance: These people make no effort to deal with life’s problems, and avoid problems by avoiding any chance of failure.
Social Benefits: These people are able to work with others and to cope with life’s problems within their social interests.

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What is social interest in lifestyle?

People with a social interest in every aspect of life strive to move in the direction of community goals. These people choose their interests in harmony with the interests of society. Their choices not only enhance themselves, but also advance society. Social interest is associated with concepts such as collaboration, social relationships, group empathy, empathy, and so on. Social interest does not develop by itself. One has to grow up in a healthy family atmosphere that fosters a sense of cooperation, mutual respect, trust, support and understanding.
The Role of Lifestyle in Health and Disease Prevention
We are all concerned about our health and that of our families every day, and we are looking for ways to get to our health, such as going to the doctor or doing tests and periodic checkups. Being ignorant of one of the major causes of human illness is related to our lifestyle. Modifying the lifestyle in its general sense psychologically and physically can be one of the best ways to prevent various diseases in humans. Fortunately, today, as community information grows, more people are inclined to examine the health of their lifestyles and are expanding in developed countries, clinics and counseling centers.


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Tips for a Better Lifestyle

By following and using these techniques our lifestyle will change. If we put aside some habits, life will get better. Here are seven great habits of lifestyle that will comfort us:
⦁ Arrange your bed when you wake up.
⦁ Put everything in its place. No matter what you use throughout the day, it’s important to put everything in its place.
⦁ Collect junk before bedtime.
⦁ Record our daily schedule. Some people make long lists of their future plans and they don’t get answers. It is better to remember that you do not need to write partial works on it.
⦁ Take care of your diet and fitness.

Figure4- lifestyle
⦁ Be optimistic. Many people always have frowns on their faces and wrinkles on their foreheads. These thoughts make you sad.
⦁ Treat strangers like your friends. You do not need to be cautious and cautious about those you do not know much. If you talk to others with a smile, you will find that they will be attracted to your personality and decide to help you.
⦁ When you go out with your friends, dress more stylishly than ever. This will make you feel better.

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